The Hello, Goodbye Window by Norton Juster, illustrated by Chris Raschka

The Hello, Goodbye Window by Chris Raschka, Norton Juster
Format: Hardcover

This book is what so much of childhood is all about.  The absolute excitement of getting to visit other people.  The fact that grandparents seem like some of the most fascinating and bizarre people on the planet.  The magic that we find in every day objects.  The illustrations are as fun and youthful as the narration.  I love everything from the whirl of activity to the description of every activity to the fact that Nanna knows all the stars though my favorite part is probably her sitting and watching for people to come by the window.  The story actually very much reminds me of when I was in the fifth grade and we helped Kindergartners make books.  That is how accurate this young voice is though obviously Norton Juster makes it much easier to follow but still there is that honesty there.

Caldecott Winner 2006

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