The Great and Only Barnum: The Tremendous, Stupendous Life of Showman P.T. Barnum by Candace Fleming

The Great and Only Barnum by Candace Fleming
Format: Hardcover

I always say that I want to read biography so maybe this will be the start.  First off if you go to your library, you won’t have a hard time spotting this book because in the humdrum world of biographies even the spine on this baby is eye catching.  The calligraphy throughout ties the entire book together making it as much art as book almost.  The photographs used are spread fairly evenly keeping your eye engaged.  Sections are divided by simple headings and there are side boxes with additional tidbits sometimes.  It is obvious that Fleming has an affection for Barnum and now I share it.  This is the kind of life story that I love to read because he was so imperfect.  He lead a fascinating life and he did some not nice things but I was fascinated and amazed by some of the truly wonderful things he did as well.  I thought he was the one who created freak shows, for example, but then I learned here that they existed before him but his “human curiousities” moved among the people and talked to them and gave intellectual lectures.  I checked this out from the library but as soon as I was done I ordered a copy and shipped it home to add to my library and to have my parents read.  Fantastic!

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