Booking Through Thursday: On Loan

Booking Through Thursday

A meme from Booking Through Thursday.

Today’s topic is “Do you lend your books? Are any out on loan right now? Do you have any that have been loaned to you? Do you put a time limit on these? Do you think people should make an effort to read the loaned book quickly?”

I do lend my books and my video games.  I use Delicious Library to keep track of everything.  It automatically puts a time limit but I don’t try to follow it.  Most people I just trust they’ll get to it.  I have one series that was borrowed from my sister ages ago.  I have another series that I am meaning to borrow, but I don’t often borrow. I think for the most part people do try to read loaned books quickly but I think it is up to the situation if people need to try to read quickly.  Often my loans are things I have read and won’t read for a while.

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