Booking Through Thursday: Ideal

Booking Through Thursday

A meme from Booking Through Thursday.

Today’s topic is “I want you to think about your ideal reading experience. Think about the location. (Your bed? Favorite chair? The beach? Indoors or outdoors?). Think about the sounds. (Is there music playing? Happy children playing in the background? Utter silence?) Is there a snack or beverage nearby? Are you alone or with friends/family (presumably being quiet enough for you to read in peace)? What kind of lighting is there? Are you dressed in something ultra-comfy? What’s your position? Curled up? Stretched out?

Now … describe it so that we can all feel exactly how perfect it is … and why.”

Hrm… I like reading places where I am very… supported? Like in Ben’s bucket chair or sometimes on our front loveseat. I like quiet. I can’t read with music playing, at least not with words in the music. I like outside noises like wind and wind chimes and dogs barking and people moving around. Food… I like to eat while reading but it never works well, you’re either hunched over a table or getting munchie dust all over precious pages. Even drinking is awkward… though perfect includes sweet tea. Sometimes I like to be alone, but I like when other people are nearby, moving about. Almost entirely natural light. Lots of it… I sometimes where my super comfy cotton dresses to sit around the house, pajama pants are nice as well, when reading I almost always have a blanket regardless of outside temperature. I tend to curl up automatically when reading, that is why I like things like bucket chairs. Someday I will have a super plushy reading chair that supports my curling up habit

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