Booking Through Thursday: Choosing

Booking Through Thursday

A meme from Booking Through Thursday.

Today’s topic is “What makes you choose the books you read? Genre? Reviews? Certain authors? Covers? Recommendations?”

I think it has varied over the years. When you are younger you rely more on recommendations but now I’m still reading the authors that were recommended to me yearssss ago. That is the core of my reading, trying to catch up. However when I pick a book off the shelf I would say that cover and recommendation both gets factored. Recommendations usually come from other bloggers now but I will admit a cover can make or break a recommendation. Sometimes I’ll just skim blogs looking for a cover that calls to me. I still love to browse in the bookstore to find covers even if I shouldn’t be buying anything.

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  1. It’s “all of the above” for me. Covers, reviews, recommendations, moods. All of it factors in to my decision to read something or not!
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