I’m Alive!

Just a quick post because if I try to do everything right now, it won’t work. I am alive, though very behind. I haven’t done a Top Ten Tuesday since May 20th. I am three reviews behind. It is the orientation for new students at my University, so a busy time for my office. I also […]

Those Magic Changes…

Posting helps me keep track of when I make changes to how I blog. There have been a lot of changes over the years… adding pictures, using Goodreads more. Sometimes I think about keeping a running post just of the evolution. It’s hard to remember when I started on Blogger. Screenshots would be even funnier. […]

Awkward Thursday

I’m doing this later than I meant to.  Ironically I planned on doing a Booking Through Thursday post…. but apparently as soon as I decide to start doing other posts and such they miss their first week!  So I got kind of stumped after waiting on that.  So here is your charge.  What kind of things […]