Review Policy

I’ve been avoiding writing one of these for quite some time but it has become apparent that I better get on with it.

What am I looking for?

I already have lots of books that I want to read so I don’t recommend just flinging books at me as much as I would enjoy that.  If I’ve requested it I will be giddy with joy and it will go to the top of the to-read pile.  If instead you are requesting me then it is simply on an individual basis based on my interest level.  As far as what I review it is all over the place but my greatest interests are in adult and young adult fantasy (high, low, urban, and all the rest) and I will admit I truly love some middle grades and even younger fantasy.  Next is probably science fiction… then you get into the grey areas where it really is what strikes my fancy: suspense, historical, who knows.  The one genre that makes me cringe most is romance, sure I like a little love story thrown in my plots but I have yet to meet a true romance I like.  I’m sure I will get judged for this but no self-published unless I have contacted you for a copy for review or if I have reviewed or read your work previously.

What formats do I prefer?

Reviewing is very much going digital these days but I prefer something I can put my hands on: ARC, paperback, hardcover, something made out of paper.  Audio books are a fun change now and then though historically not something I have done often.  Ebooks, well I think I’ve only read one, so probably only if I’m rabid for the title.  I mean really, it all depends.

When will it be reviewed?

Once I receive a book I will do my best to move it to the top of the reading queue, but life is unpredictable  and I do not guarantee that it will be read within a specific amount of time.  My goal is to read books received as ARCs at least a week before their release date.  Books already released will be ASAP depending on the time constraints of any others received around the same time.

What type of reviews do I write?

I write honest, sometimes goofy, reviews regardless of the source of the book.  Any book that was not bought or received as a birthday, etc. gift will include a notation of the source in the review.  I do not receive compensation for reviews.  These books are provided to me in exchange for a fair review.  It is my personal policy that I will not finish a book that I am truly not enjoying, but I cannot bring myself to write a review of a book when I have not had the complete experience.  If this is the case with your book there will not be a post for it.  The most mention is it will go into my did-not-finish shelf on Goodreads and if I made any status updates on that site as I read it.  This does not mean that I do not write negative reviews, there are books that I do finish but do not like and those get honest reviews as well.

Where do your reviews go?

I cross post them on Goodreads.  I publicize through my Twitter, and Facebook Page.

Where do your books come from?

Most of the books here are ones I own or owned at the time.  There are occasionally books from the library.  If it is an ARC or book that I received for free I will list the source at the bottom of the post.

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