Pansexual Visibility Day

I don’t really pass as monogamous so much anymore but I definitely still pass as heterosexual. The clever little pansexual pride d20 die pin in the photo is from a Kickstarter by the talented Becca Farrow. I’ve had the pin since 2018 and ironically most of that time has been spent on a cork board in my office, reminding only me. It’s not really a bad role(roll). *giggles* I’ve definitely followed the clichĂ© of not feeling queer enough to bear the label. So having that little pin shining back at me next to my polyamory one helps my brain. It can be said a thousand times but you don’t need anyone else’s approval. If you think you are a thing then you probably are.

There was a while where I debated between bisexual and pansexual. Both have fluid overlapping definitions, so I consider it a choice that is very based on personal choice. I didn’t make any comparison charts or pages of research, though I would not have put it past me. Honestly pansexual just felt more right. If there had been a choice that didn’t have pink in the flag I would have chosen it to be honest. So I will stick with pansexual, at least until my running joke about being “panbi” becomes trendy.

Days like today aren’t really about the labels though. It’s about the existence. It’s so that people know they are not alone. Visibility is about me feeling seen and heard but not just that. I think even more importantly boosting the signals so that the people out in the world that don’t feel that way yet may see an identity and know that feeling they’ve had isn’t just them.

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