A Touch

All I need is a moment where a body presses against mine. Even for a moment in passing as we brush against each other and I feel the warmth of your skin beneath my hand. That is all I need, but I want more. I want you to grab me when I cannot take it anymore. When I cry and shake, make me laugh. I want you to drive me home, just so we can have that hesitation when the car stops and I reach for the door. I turn to thank you, but my voice will catch in my throat and we will both turn colors and then I will mutter and stumble my way out of the car. You will wait until I get to the door to drive away, but I will watch from the door as you go and then maybe I will be able to sleep.

(This was written in 2008.)

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  1. September 1, 2022

    […] touch will be on a lot of posts. He recommended books. He encouraged me to post things like A Touch. There were books we read together. He turned me into more of a music and podcast addict than I was […]

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