It actually worked to my advantage that I had not watched the film since the night that it premiered. While I enjoyed the film I was glad to have a mostly fresh slate when reading the source. I’m always good at saying really insightful things at Acme Comic Book Club and then I forget as […]

The Princess in Black

I grew up a child of The Paperbag Princess, Dealing with Dragons and The Hero and the Crown. I’ve always loved a nontraditional princess, those being some of my dearest favorites. Of course I must also include Princess Academy because it is what brought me to Shannon Hale even though it came later in my life. […]

We Can Never Go Home: Volume 1

I might sometimes be a procrastinator. We have had several more Acme Comics book club meetings. This one was the end of December, so this is a little late but I can’t skip it. I’ve always enjoyed things that play with expectations. This book presents an expectation of a “classic” mutant story. The darker threads throughout the […]

God Country

During this comic book club we all struggled with what to say. Most people loved the book but it was much harder to put a finger on what we loved about it. The art is absolutely gorgeous from Emmett’s pot belly to the landscapes. Shaw is fantastically consistent and you feel like you know the […]